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  • Journey of the Princess of Ice- The Elementals
      "did you know ice could burn?"
       ~Diana's review from Smile Somebody Loves You

  • Promises

    "absolutely awesome story... The characters are intriguing..."

~ Jenie P. from Manic Readers

"If you enjoy a book with the promise of a love that that should have been, then you should check out Promises today!"
~ Tami from You Gotta Read Reviews

  • Hold On
"[Ms. Thompson] treats her readers to touching sex scenes that warm the heart. A book you definitely Need to Read."

~ Sashet from You Gotta Read Reviews

"Definitely a book to read when you need something to catch and hold your attention."
A Book of The Week Nomination from Orchid at The Long and The Short of It Reviews

           " enchanting story... I would definitely recommend this book to my friends..." 

~ Victoria Lyn from Manic Readers

 "LaVerne Thompson is Extordinary !! She gives us heat and passion with a touch of adventure and suspense."

~ 5 Delightful Divas from Deb at Dark Divas Review

  • Come to Me 
 "If I could give COME TO ME a higher rating, I would because this story is fantastic!" 

~ Amethyst Nymph from Literary Nymph Reviews (5 Nymphs Rating)

"Her talented writing convinces even the most hardened nonbeliever that love at first sight is possible...Come to Me is definitely a recommended read?"
~ 5 Cups Rating from Coffee Time Romance 

  •  Ringside - Book 1: The Three Sisters Series 

"As the first book in a series it was an outstanding read that immersed me in the characters lives."

~ 5 Cups Rating from Coffee Time Romance

"LaVerne and Stephanie are HOT! HOT! HOT! Ringside is a sensual treat!"

~ 5 Delightful Divas and Recommended Read from Dark Diva Reviews


  • Masquerade - Book 3: The Three Sisters Series 

"No one should miss the Three Sisters series...Masquerade is so wonderful that I never wanted it to end and read it again almost immediately."

~ 5 Cups Rating from Delane at Coffee Time Romance   

"If you are in the mood for distraction and satisfaction then you'll enjoy this sensual read."    

~ 4.5 Rating from Long and Short Reviews  

Top Pick Vol. 4, Issue 85 10/27/09

All Romance E-books  

Masquerade is enjoyable from the first page to the last. Author LaVerne Thompson has crafted a pleasurable story with a very well constructed plot, and life-like characters expertly drawn in rich detail bringing them off the pages and into the minds eye of the reader. When Sydney and Caine meet, the connection is so palpable, I felt like an interloper. Several passages are particularly memorable and their first encounter is one: "He pulled her closer to him and brought one hand up to caress the base of her neck. Without taking his eyes off her, he slowly lowered his head, but she didn't wait. She raised her face to meet him halfway as their mouths touched. His mouth felt cool,an erotic contrast against the rest of his heat, his touch all too brief but more than enough. Their worlds had collided, the rest became inevitable, and they would never be the same again." Now if that doesn't just make you anxious to see what's next then nothing will.

As the chemistry flows between them, readers once again see Ms. Thompson's savvy with words showing Sydney's reaction to Caine. "She wrapped her arms around his neck and inhaled him, pulling him closer still. Their skin fusing wherever they touched, as she felt the hardness of him pressing against her softness. Releasing his lips she whispered into the night, 'Good God,' as a sensation she'd never known shook her world. And he hadn't done anything other than give her a bone melting, soul-stealing kiss." Several other passages throughout the story are just as gripping.

I also enjoyed the twists and turns and it was refreshing that the ending was unpredictable. Sydney makes Caine work for her love and he is definitely up the challenge because she means that much to him. Caine is a wonderful character. He is the type of man women dream of; he's handsome, successful, charismatic, and most of all makes a woman feel like she's the most important woman alive. I love his response, to Sydney's statement when they are out to dinner and she makes the comment, "Now, don't tell me you haven't been trying to check out some of these women here." Caine's response is, "That may be true, but I'm sitting with the beautiful woman I want." Kudos to Caine for a great response. Sydney is also a great character with a lot of wonderful attributes. As an African-American woman, and a novelty in her field, she works hard to secure her place in what is predominantly a man's world but she doesn't lose touch of her femininity and remains just that; a desirable woman. Masquerade was my top pick for a number of reasons. I found the book just about flawless in terms of plot, character development, attention to details and a very satisfying ending. I really enjoyed Sydney and Caine's story and reluctantly let them go at the end. This is not the first novel I've read by Ms. Thompson but it certain is my favorite.

~ Susan's Top Pick 


  •  A Day in the Sun
First off, I bought this book because the cover was just too hot. Seriously, it could be a poster on my ceiling. Even my husband said, yeah, you could hang the poster up above the bed and we could both wish for that body-for him to sport it and me to sport WITH it.

Second, LaVerne's my bud so had to read it.

Third, I needed to get the bad taste out of my brain of the previous e-book I'd bought before that. The only thing keeping me from ripping this author to shreds (thankfully, I don't know her) is I'm praying she's not yet twenty years old and that was her first book. The erotic content of the story left me feeling like a starving man being invited to dinner and having a plate with a cracker set before him.

A Day in the Sun is soooo much better. And I will try not to give away any spoilers.

It's a quick, easy read, and LaVerne is a good writer where I'm not reeling from a hoard of grammatical errors charging down a hill like a gang of vandals. There were little dings here and there, but not enough to take me out of the story. I'm not a grammar Nazi in this case.

The story is set in the tropics and any story that takes place on a tropical island gets automatic points from me. Also, the way she describes the hero, Jaran, coming out of the water, my drool splattered on my laptop. Very well done there. He's a very likeable hero, conscientious and smart. Not the throw 'em up against the wall and bang 'em alpha I tend to like, but he's a perfect blend of alpha and beta. He obviously cares about Callie, the heroine, and his concern for her will win the reader over.

Callie, is not annoying. Yay!!!! I can't stand annoying, standoffish heroines with a lot of attitude. You know the ones, where the whole book is filled with her being a bitch? No. She's smart, a business owner and she's determined to stand her ground about keeping her freedom, but folds at the first opportunity to snog this guy. That's my kinda woman. Any woman who could not want to snog and shag this guy has something wrong with her, and I'm not into sexually repressed heroines. Nor the overly virtuous types.

The story doesn't boost a lot of conflict, in fact it's very subtle, and I liked that too. This will be very pleasant for those who don't want a lot of drama. Definitely a good read by the pool, in the bath or before you go to bed. I sucked it up in about 3.5 hours then I had to go to my old man, "hey honeyyyyy."

I give it a purr, three lip smacks and a sandwich.
~ The Chaeya Review (4.5 stars)
  • Chances Are

" excellent suspense novel that leads the reader on a merry chase... a keeper."

5 Cups Rating from Delane at Coffee Time Romance Reviews

"Ms. Thompson does an excellent job building and maintaining suspense throughout...It's very readable and unpredictable."

Snapdragon from Long and Short Reviews

Top Pick Vol. 4, Issue 178  8/3/10

All Romance E-books  

Chances Are by LaVerne Thompson is a contemporary interracial romance. It is a fairly quick read with an intricate plot involving bank fraud and embezzlement. The plot is easy to follow and intricacies of the banking and computer world are explained with enough details to make it easy for a person with little knowledge to follow easily. Kayla Michaels is a faithful employee of the bank wrongly accused of assisting in theft of bank funds.  She happens to be dating Tal, the president of the bank at the time of the discovery but he believes in her innocence. This is interesting because at first I thought Tal would be disbelieving. Kayla's character is educated, doing okay for herself career wise but unlucky in the love department until Tal comes along. Tal is a great character who, despite his wealth and privilege, comes across as very down to earth.  Together they make a colorful couple not just because she is Black and he is White but also their different socio-economic status, their working relationship and different personality types. However, for all their differences they are a believable couple and the chemistry feels genuine. The sexual scenes are not numerous but very sensual and their romance is fast and furious. 
Other characters who help to shape this memorable novel are Kayla's sister Nessa, Zach the computer tech who unravels the mystery and clears Kayla, and the FBI agent who has a thing for Tal and would like nothing better than to see Kayla take the wrap. There is a strong sexual connection between Nessa and Zach, the hint of some instant sexual action inferred.  A story is definitely there for these two. The novel is a relatively quick read and the plot unfolds over a short time. There is a suspenseful climax when the man accused of taking the money is confronted and he holds Kayla at gunpoint. Tal and Kayla experience so much in their short time together, it seems they've known each other forever. When they finally consummate their relationship it appears natural and right. LaVerne Thompson has written many entertaining and strong novels and Chances Are will be added to my shelf of favorites.  
~ Susan Plummer
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  • AMAZON TOP 10 Category Best-Sellers: Interracial/Multicultural, Erotica
  • AMAZON TOP 100 Category Best-Sellers: Contemporary, Coming of Age
  • Sweet Romance: Contemporary Short Story of the Year 2008
  • Sweet Romance: Contemporary Rookie (Author) of the Year 2008
  • Dragon's Heart: 2008 Romance Slam Jam Aspiring Author Contest Winner
  • LUB DUB Award 2009 Winner HOLD ON Best Fight Scene
  • LUB DUB Award 2009 Nominations: Author of the Year, Best Series, Best Short - Iwritesmut
  • LITERARY NYMPHS HOT LIST: 2009 Reviewers Choice Award
  • Chances Are: 3rd place video of the week June 2010 




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